Toronto to Amsterdam for $495.00 (Roundtrip Incl Tax) | Thailand - $579.00 CAD, Iceland for $349.00 - Hong Kong for $569.00, and so many more!!!

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Toronto to Amsterdam for $495.00 (Roundtrip Incl Tax) | Thailand - $579.00 CAD, Iceland for $349.00 - Hong Kong for $569.00, and so many more!!!

Flight Centre is claiming to have a sale on flights from Toronto to various cities around the world. 

99% of the time, the 'sales' announced by booking sites and travel agencies are nothing more than marketing noise and not genuine sales, but in this case Flight Centre is indeed offering international flights for $100 CAD less than the cheapest prices currently available anywhere else.

On some routes that are already historically really low at the moment, this does make for pretty awesome prices.

We will list the destinations below that we feel are the best deals. There are others available on the Flight Centre offer page.

Availability for travel

Mostly August to November 2016

Some Of The Available Destinations

(Roundtrip, Including Taxes, in $CAD)

Bangkok, Thailand - $579 (November 2016)

Amsterdam, Netherlands - $495 (September 2016)

Reykjavik, Iceland - $349 (October 2016)

Hong Kong - $569 (Cctober and November 2016)

Manila, Philippines - $569 (November 2016)

New York City - $175 (every month in 2016 and 2017)

Los Angeles - $355 (September, October, November 2016) 

Honolulu, Hawaii - $549 (September 2016)

Lima, Peru - $595 (September, October, and November 2016)

Athens, Greece - $645 (October 2016)

Denpasar (Bali), Indonesia - $895 (January and February 2017)

How to find and book these deals

1. Go to the Flight Centre Offer Page...

2. Call Flight Centre to book: 1-877-967-5302

Screenshot from Flight Centre

UPDATE: We have been told by a Flight Centre rep that they are essentially offering $50-$100 off *any* dates, on *any* airline, to 36 different destinations, including some that are not listed on the offer page.

If that's true, here are some destinations, dates and prices that may be available when you call.

Have a look on Google Flights before you call, to find the cheapest dates and airlines.

($CAD, roundtrip, including taxes)

Orlando, Florida - $256 in August and September 2016

San Jose, Costa Rica - $294 in September, October, November 2016

Bogota, Colombia - $468 in September and October 2016 

Honolulu, Hawaii - $489 in late August and September 2016 

Paris, France - $500 in October 2016

Lisbon, Portugal - $540 in October and November 2016

Rome, Italy - $568 in late September and October 2016

Bangkok, Thailand - $584 to $609 in late October, November, and early December 2016

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Originally posted by Chris Myden