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  Sex. Drugs. Booze. The travel Gringo trail has it all, especially if you’re crashing in hostels. It’s always someone’s first or last day, and that means there’s always an excuse to party. I’ve been traveling for over a decade and have stayed in hundreds of hostels around the world. And yes, there are plenty of “good” party hostels out there. But party-minded travelers cluster together for a reason and, over time, certain hostels develop a (well-deserved) reputation for debauchery. These are 10 to take note of: The Flying Pig THE FLYING PIG DOWNTOWN  Amsterdam, Netherlands Travelers arrive expecting the...

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1.  You Have No Ties The time after graduation is likely to be the one time in your life when you have the least amount of commitment and responsibilities. You'll likely be unmarried, single, childless, and jobless. What's holding you back? Spend a couple of years building your savings before graduation and hit the road for a few months over summer. If you find yourself with a job offer, see if you can delay starting until fall. You've worked hard; you deserve a break.  Predrag Vuckovic/E+/Getty Images 2.  Take Advantage of Student Travel Discounts You know when you'll next be...

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You just finished university, what a relief right?...  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Millennials: What is a millennial?... Well its everyone born around 1990. Crazy fact: In 2011, the total number of Canadians aged 25 to 64 with a university degree: 4,75 million ( In 2014 alone, 7.26 million students graduated from universities in China ( Defining education; Where is the line between being educated and employed, and being “over” educated and unemployed?   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok, lets get started.  A Millennials Guide: How to stand out amongst the noise 1. Networking                Photo: Networking is a key pillar in defining and achieving your success. It's...

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