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  This is Laura, she’s going to teach you how to take better travel photos…this horse trusts her, so you can too. Shot in: Trinidad, Cuba Article via Paper Planes Rule #1 - Keep it simple. THIS IS A BONUS ANALOGY FOR LIFE! When I think about my basic rules for travel photography, I find that they overlap a ton with how I imagine a life well-lived: being present. Being respectful. Looking for details. Ditching the stress of doing and seeing everything. Finding your own voice and using it bravely and generously. What else could you want from life– or...

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Going on a trip without a camera is a travel should be illegal. However, as we all know good quality cameras are not cheap, which is why Gringos On The Run would like to show you the newest cameras that don;t sacrifice quality for price.  Sorry DLSR users all my picks are mirrorless, the time has come to switch. The experience I hear from many DSLR shooters is that they buy a mirrorless camera and shoot it for a couple weeks and really like the lightweight form factor and the features of an LCD viewfinder… and then realize it has...

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