Looking for the adventure of a life time? Meet Woody.

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Looking for the adventure of a life time? Meet Woody.

Meet Woody,

A 1992 Toyota Pickup (aka the best truck ever built). This truck has recently taken Wakefield, Qc residents and all time Gringos On The Run Mike Urichuck & Gen Kirk on the adventure of a lifetime. Travelling the lengths of Central and South America Woody and Company have recently made it to all the way to Santiago, Chile. So yes, Woody is a beast to say the least. He has been on countless adventures over the past 12 years, and has always taken us (Mike & Gen) to the end of the road and back. Unfortunately, this time Woody might not make it home. He is currently renting a space in Santiago, Chile where he is taking a summery vacation from the road in the hot Chilean Sun, but Chilean winter is coming and Woody would like to make it home. 

"We just arrived in here (Santiago, Chile) after driving it from Wakefield, QC! "

- Gen Kirk

Here is a list of what Woody has to offer!

Woody is  equipped for sleeping and world travel. Woody has a unique balance of blending in, in Latin America, while attracting friendly attention and respect from locals. This comes from being one of the best trucks ever built and the unique personal touches that have been added over the years that give him his unique character.

"I have always maintained this truck with the best parts and oils, always with the intention of driving it indefinitely. Unfortunately, we have cornered ourselves very far from home and the time has come to fly back. We would love to see this truck in good hands, and maybe one day back in Quebec" - Mike Urichuck

We are looking for a deposit that would be refunded with a tip (for love) if you get this truck closer to North America, Ideally Guatemala where it can get cosmetically restored. Woody is a Quebecer, so he is very easy to transfer the title to another Quebecer as of this June. It can stay in Chile until August at our friends house. If we find someone interested soon we can include all our travel related stuff, pots, stove, bed, parts, tools, maps...

For more information please email Gen Kirk at genevievekirk8@gmail.com


Written by Gen Kirk. Follow Gen, Mike and Woodys adventure on woodymakeit.com

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