Victoria, BC to a variety of U.S. Cities - $222.00 to $330.00 CAD (Roundtrip - Incl Taxes

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Victoria, BC to a variety of U.S. Cities - $222.00 to $330.00 CAD (Roundtrip - Incl Taxes

Today Delta is showing a large number of interesting price drops from Victoria, BC to a variety of destinations in the U.S. In many cases, they are actually cheaper than from YVR, which is rare.

Being a smaller airport, YYJ doesn't see great deals nearly as often as YVR. It's nice to see Vancouver Island get a little love!

Availability for travel

April, May, and sometimes up to mid-June 2016 (depending on the destination)

How to find and book this deal

1. Start with a Google Flights search.

Victoria, BC (YYJ) to...

(roundtrip, including taxes)

(click on the name of the city to open up the Google Flights search)

Seattle, Washington - $223 CAD

Las Vegas, Nevada - $229 CAD

Sacramento, California - $229 CAD

San Jose, California - $229 CAD

Orange County, California (Disneyland) - $229 CAD

Fresno, California - $229 CAD

Phoenix, Arizona - $229 CAD

San Diego, California - $229 CAD

Los Angeles, California - $229 CAD

San Francisco, California - $229 CAD

Denver, Colorado - $229 CAD

Portland, Oregon - $229 CAD

Reno, Nevada - $229 CAD

Salt Lake City, Utah - $229 CAD

Austin, Texas - $330 CAD

Boston, Massachusetts - $330 CAD

New York, NY (JFK) - $330 CAD

Washington, DC - $330 CAD

Chicago, Illinois - $330 CAD

Orlando, Florida - $330 CAD

2. Click on the departure date box to open up the calendar view and look for other cheap date combinations.

3. Click through from Google Flights to the Delta website for booking.

Screenshot from the Delta website:


Or, you can find and book these flights for $219 to $320 CAD roundtrip including taxes, if you book them through Flight Network, using a promo code

You can bring the price down another $10 CAD once you get to Flight Network by using the promo code: 3P10OFF321

You'll find the spot to enter the promo code on the passenger details page (after you've selected the flight). It can be difficult to find.

Here's a screenshot of where to enter it: (look near the bottom)

Screenshot from (before the $10 promo code is applied)


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Originally posted by Chris Myden