Top 10 Coffee Capitals Of The World

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Top 10 Coffee Capitals Of The World

For you, is coffee the elixir of life? Can you not function without a morning cup of joe? Do you live on lattes, mochas and espressos?
If so, these coffee capitals are guaranteed to get your heart racing. They are the perfect destinations for all you caffeine-fuelled explorers out there.

1. Rome

In Italy, coffee is so much more than a drink, it’s a lifestyle. Rome is the ultimate caffeine capital, around every corner you’ll find busy coffee shops (or bars in Italian) packed full of people swigging cups of the stuff. Order a short black coffee (un caffe) - the Italian staple – at the bar and enjoy the loud and rowdy chaos of Italian commuters. Or better yet, sit outside with a cappuccino, accompanied by some coffee flavoured gelato.


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2. Reykjavik

Scandinavians consume more coffee than anyone else in the world, and the Icelanders in particular are pretty partial to a well-crafted brew. Independent coffee shops are plentiful in this chilly northern city, many being in cosy bookshops called bókakaffis.

3. Addis Ababa

Thanks to Mussolini's failed 1935 invasion of Ethiopia, there are a surprising number of inviting Italian-style espresso bars throughout the city. However, if it’s something more traditional that you are after, head to an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Traditionally performed in people’s homes, it is also now possible to experience it in shops or restaurants. It involves a healthy dose of incense while coffee is freshly ground in urns over a charcoal brazier, then poured into small cups with a little sugar.

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4. Havana

Cuba is one of the biggest exporters of coffee beans in the world and there is nowhere better to enjoy a cup of café cubano, than in its colourful capital of Havana. The perfect coffee if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this full-bodied espresso is brewed with sugar and accompanies most meals throughout the day. It’s perhaps best enjoyed in the evening along with a nice Cuban cigar.

5. Rio de Janeiro

If you are going to try coffee anywhere, perhaps it’s best venturing to the world’s largest producer of coffee. And if you’re super keen you can delve into the history of your favourite drink by visiting some of the regions oldest coffee plantations.


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6. Vienna

The atmosphere in a Viennese Kaffeehaus is like no other café in the world. The décor is usually undeniably swav, making you feel as if you’ve almost stepped back in time. Having your coffee served to you on a platter with a glass of cold water makes the experience even classier. It wouldn’t be hard to spend a whole day soaking up the atmosphere and sampling all the tasty cakes and pastries on offer.

7. Istanbul

The coffee is so good in Turkey that UNESCO named it the ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Turks’. The novelty of it, other than its rich taste, is the beautiful cezve that it is boiled in and the decorative cups that it is poured into. You’ll need some of this potent fuel to take on the frenzy of Istanbul!


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8. London

In a city as large and diverse as London, it’s really no surprise that it has its fair share of eclectic coffee shops. From oh so hipster artisan cafés offering quirky décor and micro-roasted, organic lattes, to authentic greasy spoons, there is no doubt you’ll find a place that suits your taste. In the first week of May the city also hosts the London coffee festival that celebrates the city's coffee scene. If you get sick of it all, you’re in the land of high-tea (just kidding – more coffee)!

9. Singapore

Perhaps a surprising addition to the list, but you’ll find coffee in abundance throughout Singapore. Coffee or Kopi is the national drink and kopitiams are the hub for all things social throughout the city. Kopi differs from regular coffee as the beans are roasted using butter, giving it a unique aroma and texture – this is the city to push your obsession even further.


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10. Seattle

Ok, Seattle isn't a capital, but if you're going to award a city the title of coffee capital it’d have to be given to the home of Starbucks. Like ‘em or loathe ‘em, Starbucks is completely synonymous with coffee culture. A trip to the original is almost like mecca for us pumpkin spiced latte aficionados.

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