Montreal to Greece, Malta, Switzerland, Hungary and other European destinations - $579 to $599 CAD (Roundtrip Incl Taxes

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Montreal to Greece, Malta, Switzerland, Hungary and other European destinations - $579 to $599 CAD (Roundtrip Incl Taxes

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Turkish Airlines is significant showing price reductions on their fares from Montreal to a fairly large number of destinations in Europe.

Turkish Airlines is a highly rated airline.

The flights to Malta & Greece are perhaps the most notable, as they are quite far south, and the climate is warmer in the off-season months of April/May than other places in Europe.

Availability for travel

Certain dates between late March and May 2016.

Stopover in Istanbul

To the destinations listed below, it's sometimes possible to extend the stop in Istanbul, and have it work out to a price that's similar, or not much more.

Destinations and Prices

(Roundtrip prices, in $CAD)

Montreal to...

Helsinki, Finland - $574

Luqa, Malta - $579

Prague, Czech Republic - $584

Bologna, Italy - $586

Skopje, Macedonia - $591

Bucharest, Romania - $597

Milan, Italy - $597

Venice, Italy - $598

Thessaloniki, Greece - $598

Budapest, Hungary - $594

Kiev, Ukraine - $582

Belgrade, Serbia - $597

Thessaloniki, Greece - $598

Zurich, Switzerland - $599

Thessaloniki, Greece - $598

Nice, France - $603

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - $607

Zagreb, Croatia - $619

Tirana, Albania - $620

Athens, Greece - $629

Vienna, Austria - $642

How to book the regular roundtrip flight

1. Go to and search for a flight from Montreal to one of the destinations above. 

You may also want to try a 3 day flexible date search on Kayak, and click through from Kayak to the Turkish Airlines website - although it seems like the price shown on Kayak may jump up once you get to, from what I've seen so far.

Try dates in late March, April and May 2016

Example dates to try:

(For longer trips, you can try mixing and matching the departure and return dates from the list below.)

Different destinations may have slightly different dates that work out to a cheap price. The list below is a good starting point for the majority of the destinations.

March 27, 28, 29, 30, or 31 to April 15
April 3, 4, or 5 to April 18, 19, 20, or 22
April 12, 13, or 14 to April 27
April 19, 20, or 21 to May 3 or 4
April 26, 27, or 28 to May 10 or 11
May 2, 3, 4, or 5 to May 17 or 18

Screenshot from

Dealing with a long stopover, either on the way there, or back

Some of these flights may have a long stop in Istanbul, either on the way there, or back.

You can try picking a flight option with a really long stop (24 hours) - to give yourself a full day to explore Istanbul, if it exists. 

Turkish Airlines actually offers a free hotel stay, *IF* your stopover in Istanbul is 10 hours or more, but *only* if a faster flight option does not exist. You can find more info at this link.

Or you can try searching for a flight with a really extended stopover in Istanbul (multiple days), either on the way there, or the way back, or possibly even both, and see if the price works out to be similar.

Here's how...

How to book the flight with an extended stopover in Istanbul

1. You may want to start with an example multi-city search on Kayak, like this one... 

example multi-city search on Kayak, with an extended stop in Istanbul

2. Click on the 'Change' button (top right) 

3. Change Luqa to one of the other cities from the list above.

4. I would recommend trying the dates from the list above for the 1st and 3rd flight. For the 2nd flight, play around, and see how it affects the price.

5. Click through from Kayak to Expedia or Travelocity or FlightNetwork or whichever site is showing this price.

This post was originally written by Chris Myden Thanks Chris!