Edmonton to Chiang Mai, Phuket, or Bangkok, Thailand - $872 CAD (Roundtrip Incl taxes)

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Edmonton to Chiang Mai, Phuket, or Bangkok, Thailand - $872 CAD (Roundtrip Incl taxes)

Air China has dropped the price of their flights from Edmonton to Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Bangkok, Thailand down to $872 CAD roundtrip including taxes.


When it comes to Thailand, it's rare to see an amazing price on flights right to Chiang Mai or Phuket. It's generally only Edmonton-Bangkok that drops to unusually low price levels on rare occasion.

Availability for travel

May, September, October, November, and up to mid-December 2016.

The late November to mid December dates are probably the most desirable in terms of weather both here and there.

When traveling to Chiang Mai, some of these dates also seem to involve a one day layover in Beijing, China on the way there, which may or may not be a plus to you.

How to find and book this deal

1. Go to FlightHub

2. Search for a flight from Edmonton (YEG) to one of these destinations ...

Chiang Mai, Thailand (CNX)

Phuket, Thailand (HKT)
Bangkok, Thailand (BKK)

Use any of the following date combinations...

Some flights are a bit longer, especially on the way back. If it has a total travel time of more than 28 hours on the way home, you may want to try a slightly different return date.

There seems to be plenty of flights with a reasonable 22 hours of total travel time on the way there, especially to Phuket and Bangkok. To Chiang Mai, flights without the additional one day layover in Beijing are tougher to find.

(for longer trips, you can try mixing and matching the departure and return dates from the list below) 

May 17 to June 4
Sep 17, 18, 20, or 22 to Oct 10
Sep 23, 25 or 27 to Oct 15 or 17
Oct 2 to Oct 24 or 26
Oct 23 or 25 to Nov 8, 9, or 11
Oct 24 to Nov 10
Oct 29 or 31 to Nov 16, 17, 18, or 20
Nov 1 to Nov 17, 18, 19, 20, or 21
Nov 2 to Nov 17, 18, 20, or 21
Nov 5, 6, 7, or 8 to Nov 23
Nov 6 or 8 to Nov 24
Nov 12, 14, or 15 to Dec 1 or 3
Nov 18, 19, 20, or 21 to Dec 6, 7, or 8
Nov 26, 27, 28, 29, or 30 to Dec 13, 15 or 19 
Dec 1 to Dec 15 or 19

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